about us

KNO Medisch Centrum is an initiative of 6 experienced ENT surgeons who have provided good hospital care for more than 25 years. They have realized that ENT-care outside the hospital could possibly be better, more accessible and more efficient.

Our center is centrally located in Waardenburg, on the A2. A 35 minutes drive from Amsterdam. Easily accessible for both northern and southern residents of the Netherlands. With ample parking available. We can receive you in a safe setting and you do not have to worry about being unnecessarily exposed to the coronavirus.

All ENT surgeons also work in the Jeroen Bosch Hospital in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. If your complaints require a hospital visit, we can organize this quickly. As a result, we believe that we can continue to guarantee access to high-quality ENT-care for the longer term.

Our steps of care

In addition to the treatment of your ENT complaints, we have developed several care initiatives in which we have brought all steps in a treatment together under 1 roof. This makes it even easier for you to be treated faster and more comfortably.

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Here you will find all information about the route to KNO Medisch Centrum, parking and other matters.

our team

ENT surgeons with years of experience

All ENT surgeons have extensive experience in the field. No unnecessary examinations by interns or doctors in training. Direct contact with an experienced doctor.

Ms.Nanny Duis

Somnoloog sinds 2017

DR. Mark Aarts

KNO-arts since 2011