KNO MC in daily press

Recently, ENT doctor Bas Op de Coul was asked about the increase in the use of nasal spray in common colds. If it contains the substance xylometazoline, it is wise not to use it for longer than a week. Longer use can, as a rule, only aggravate the nasal complaints. In an informative video he explains how you can possibly get rid of a nasal spray addiction.

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Innovation vocal cord treatment

our Visit to the Medical VOICE Center Hamburg

On 3 and 4 December, ENT surgeons Mark Aarts and Bas Op de Coul visited the voice clinic of Professor Markus Hess. During this visit they studied the latest treatment techniques for vocal cord abnormalities. KNO Medisch Centrum is one of the few clinics in the Netherlands where we are able to treat the vocal cords mostly under local anaesthesia. As a result, patients no longer have to undergo general anesthesia and they go home immediately after treatment. Watch an impression of this visit.

In action against hay fever

Allergy treatment campaign launched

With a nice video, we kicked-off the battle agains hay fever this year. Doing this, we try to warn as many hay fever patients as early as possible in the season about the effects of their allergies. By starting immunotherapy in the autumn, the complaints can be tackled structurally during the hay fever season. Many people only take action when the first hay fever symptoms appear. However, by starting early, you will be better protected against annoying complaints next spring. An additional advantage: if you have fewer nasal complaints, you have to test for corona less often.

KNO MC in het financieele dagblad

a tasty article about dinner at a great height

An article recently appeared in the Financieel Dagblad about the preparation of meals in the aviation industry. Because the smell and taste at a great height are different than in the air, a full kitchen brigade is now called in to put together the right flavors. ENT doctor Mark Aarts explains why our sense of smell and taste changes during a flight.

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KNO MC in magazine linda

the sense and nonsense of garlic cloves

An article was recently written in Linda about the use of garlic cloves for complaints of a runny nose. An entertaining piece in which our ENT doctor Ingrid van Rooy discusses the sense and nonsense of this unconventional treatment

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all about the singing voice

KNO MC in the South Netherlands Philharmonic

KNO MC in the South Netherlands Philharmonic

An article was recently published in the South Netherlands Philharmonic about the singing voice. Doctor Op de Coul explains what is important for a good singing voice and how the ENT Medical Center can contribute to keeping your singing voice fit.

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First patients treated in the sleep center

As of May 31, the sleep center in KNO Medisch Centrum was put into use. Here it is possible to quickly examine patients with snoring, apnea or sleep-related complaints. These investigations are carried out in collaboration with the home hospital in the Netherlands. After a referral from the general practitioner, it is possible to schedule you within 2 weeks for a sleep study in your own home situation. This gives the ENT doctor a good picture of your sleeping pattern and treatment can be started quickly. You can read more about this on the page of our sleep center.

De eerste patiënt is inmiddels behandeld in het slaapcentrum van het KNO Medisch Centrum

Experience center to hear better continues to take shape

It is now possible to try out various hearing aids in the Beter Horen experience room. We spoke with Mark Jan van Meerveld of Beter Horen: “Because people can now listen to various hearing aids side by side in a special examination set-up, it is easier for the patient to make a choice which hearing aid suits him or her best.” According to the Hearing Better employee, this is a new step in further improving satisfaction with hearing aids. It is possible to make an appointment for this experience. This is one of the reasons why the ENT Medical Center has started a collaboration with Beter Horen.

Het nieuwe experience center van Beter Horen in het KNO Medisch Centrum

Second consulting room installed

On June 15th. The second consultation room in KNO MC was finalized. We spoke to Medical Manager Bas op de Coul about this: “We see that the number of patients referred to KNO Medisch Centrum is increasing. The installation of a second consultation room now offers even more options for people who have been referred to contact KNO MC in the short term. to receive us. We continue to strive for the shortest possible waiting time and we can now continue to do this in the longer term thanks to the arrival of a second room!” said Op de Coul.

KNO-arts Ingrid van Rooy is in haar nopjes met de nieuwe spreekkamer