what to do in case of complaints?

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You can contact your ENT specialist. He or she will then schedule a meeting with you to discuss the cause of your complaint. In an open conversation, there can be examined how the dissatisfaction with the treatment arose and what can be done to remove this dissatisfaction. Experience has shown that a large part of the complaints can be resolved in this way.

Complaints Committee

If you are unable or unwilling to discuss your complaint with the ENT surgeon, you can contact an independent complaints committee. This independent complaints committee will try to resolve the complaint between you and the attending physician. If, despite the intervention of the independent complaints committee, you are unable to resolve your complaint properly, you can turn to the Healthcare Disputes Committee.

More information about the working method of the independent complaints committee Klachtconsult en De  ;Geschillencommissie Zorg can be found on the relevant websites.

If you want to know exactly what the regulations are, we refer you to the WKKGz