Your safety

We believe it is very important that patients are treated in a good and safe way. In order to provide the best quality care, we apply the following quality criteria. 

Your privacy

Obviously the KNO Medisch Centrum complies with the legal requirements imposed on an institution with regard to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In addition, all our employees have signed a clause in their contract stating that they adhere to the rules regarding the confidentiality of patient data.


KNO Medisch Centrum is a center recognized by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. This means that we meet all official requirements for private practice in the Netherlands.


All medical specialists in the Netherlands are audited every five years by their colleagues. This means that their practice is examined for one or two days by colleagues from the same field.

In addition, all ENT doctors participate in the Individual Functioning Medical Specialists (IFMS) program, in which they are held up to a mirror about their functioning and the functioning of their practice.


Our equipment is checked annually for safety and proper functioning. This is done by an independent organization. Medical instruments are professionally sterilized.


At KNO Medisch Centrum all possible measures have been taken to prevent possible infections. All employees who have narrow contact to patients, patient material, medicines and other matters intended for patients are aware of this and have stated that they adhere to the hygiene measures. We are checked annually by an infection prevention expert. As a result, our hygiene protocols are always up to date.


KNO Medisch Centrum uses a ‘Safety Management System’. This means that we actively check whether there are unsafe situations in the center. After all, better to be safe than sorry. Everyone actively contributes to this. In this way we continue to work on our culture of openness and transparency. In such a culture, reporting incidents and unsafe situations is self-evident.