If you have been referred by your general practitioner or medical specialist, all treatments in KNO Medisch Centrum will be reimbursed by your health insurer. Of course you should take the own risk into account. If your insurer does not reimburse a part (beyond the own risk), we will take care of this part in order to unburden you and settle it later with your insurer. So you never have to pay extra outside of your own risk.

The costs of your treatment (DBC rates)

KNO Medisch Centrum charges the costs of your treatment on the basis of a Diagnosis Treatment Combination (DBC). The DBC is an administrative code for the entire care process that a patient with a certain diagnosis goes through in the hospital. More information about the DBCs can be found on the website of the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa).

Everyone who lives or works in the Netherlands is legally obliged to take out health insurance. Health insurance policies reimburse a large part of the costs of hospital care.

For foreign patients it is possible to obtain an invoice which they can pay and declare to their own insurer in their own country.

When will you receive the invoice?

KNO Medisch Centrum uses the services of Infomedics for invoicing. Infomedics will charge the rate of the Diagnosis Treatment Combination (DBC) after the treatment to the health insurer, or to yourself. The latter depends on the way in which you are insured.

A DBC can run for a maximum of 120 days. After a DBC has been closed, it can still take several weeks before the invoice is sent. This has to do with the administrative settlement of a DBC.

A remote consultation (telephone consultation or e-consultation)

Since January 1, 2018, hospitals and treatment centers may also charge you or your health insurer for a telephone appointment and an e-consultation. This is allowed if the telephone appointment or the e-consultation replaces a repeat appointment in the ENT Medical Center.


The rates in KNO Medisch Centrum are based on the average rate charged in the Netherlands by hospitals and clinics for the treatment concerned. These rates are published on

Price list KNO Medisch Centrum

This concerns the full standard price list that apply to treatments that started on January 1, 2022 or later. All prices are subject to interim changes and typos.

Care product rates 2022

More information

Would you like more information about the rates of a treatment or DBC care product? Or do you have a question about an invoice that you have received from the KNO Medisch Centrum? View our frequently asked questions. Or send an email to