Hearing Rehabilitation

Hearing rehabilitation

step of care

At KNO Medisch Centrum we have chosen to collaborate witht Beter Horen , a quality hearing care professional. Since we work closely together, we can organize the steps of care for your hearing improvement even more efficiently. Since we remain closely involved in the process of hearing rehabilitation, we can continue to provide the patient and the hearing care professional with our knowledge. This leads to a higher level of satisfaction.

In addition, other hearing care professionals from the region can also utilise of the expertise of the KNO MC. It is possible for them to refer patients for an ENT consultation and advice regarding the hearing aid. Of course, the patient’s free choice of hearing care is respected.

Hearing rehabilitation consists of the following focus areas:

Fitting a new hearing aid

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During your appointment, the ENT doctor will check whether there is a medical cause for your hearing loss. If necessary, additional research can be agreed or treatment can be advised. When the medical process has been completed, we can advise you about the possibilities of a hearing aid. It is also possible to directly experience the added value of various hearing aids side by side in our experience room. We can also refer you easily and quickly to the hearing care professional for the adjustment of the hearing aid.

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better Adjustment of a hearing aid

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Correctly setting up a hearing aid is often difficult. This may lead to people wearing the hearing aid less often. It is often quite possible to adjust the hearing aids better. Often other earmolds can be tried and settings changed. Sometimes a different hearing aid may be advised or additional aids such as a TV solution or solo equipment may be prescribed. It is therefore certainly worthwhile to make an appointment for this. 

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Second opinion on the hearing aid

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If you are about to purchase a hearing aid, but are not sure whether the chosen hearing aid is the best solution for you, it may be advisable to request a second opinion. Before purchasing the hearing aids, it is possible to do an objective final check at KNO MC. We will then evaluate whether the devices provide sufficient improvement and whether you are satisfied with them. 

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Scientific research in hearing rehabilitation

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By conducting scientific research, we try to improve hearing rehabilitation even further. For example, we are further investigating how we can map hearing loss in daily life and which hearing rehabilitation is best suited in which situations.