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Allergy Center

step of care

In the allergy center of the KNO MC, we treat allergy complaints of the upper respiratory tract based on the latest scientific developments. As a result, we manage not only to reduce the allergy, but also to cure it, so that people can finally get rid of their complaints. 

Our allergy center comprises the following steps for care. We combine these steps as much as possible during the first consultation, so that no unnecessary extra appointments have to be made.

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inspection of the nose

During this investigation we can exclude other causes for the complaints and determine the seriousness of the nose complaints. In this way we can determine whether there are other abnormalities such as nasal polyps, inflammation or an enlarged adenoid.

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smelling test

Many patients with allergy complaints also suffer from olfactory complaints. By performing an olfactory test, we can better estimate the seriousness of the allergy symptoms.

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Allergy test

An allergy test is performed to find out exactly which substances you may be allergic to. You will receive a number of injections with allergens in the skin of the arm.

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cT Scan of the paranasal sinuses

If, in addition to the allergy symptoms, there is a suspicion of a chronic inflammation in the sinus area, the ENT specialist can request a scan of the sinuses. This can be made in the Jeroen Bosch Hospital.

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Treatment in our allergy center

Your allergy symptoms can be treated in different ways. At the KNO Medisch Centrum we have the following options:


We provide you with good information about what measures you can take yourself to reduce exposure to allergens.

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We provide you with the most recent medicines. Think of tablets, nasal sprays and eye drops.


Another way to treat allergy symptoms is to let the immune system get used to the substance to which you are allergic to. This treatment is called immunotherapy. The purpose of this is to make you less allergic. This can be done by means of injections, but also with tablets. 

For more information, see: immunotherapy in the ENT Medical Center.

Nasal shell reduction

If there is too much swelling of the nasal mucosa due to the allergy, the nose can be permanently blocked despite the medication. In this case it is possible to reduce the size of the turbinates by means of a painless outpatient treatment.

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