what is a visual examination of the nose?


By means of a visual examination of the nose (nasendoscopy or nasopharyngoscopy), the ENT doctor can view your nose from the inside. This is often necessary to find out where your complaints come from.

visual examination of the nose

Why a visual examination of the nose?


Some conditions cannot only be seen with the naked eye. For example, consider nasal polyps or allergy. That is why it is often necessary to look deeper into the nose for possible explanations for your complaints.

How do you prepare for the examination?


No specific preparations are required.

If you have the idea that there is a lot of mucus in the nose, it may be wise to blow your nose before the examination.

What happens during a visual examination of the nose?


During a nasendoscopy, the ENT specialist examines the nose and the space behind the nose (nasopharynx). The area of ​​the adenoid can also be viewed. If you suffer from a stuffy, blocked nose, the ENT doctor can examine you. The doctor uses an endoscope. This is a small tube with a small camera and a light on the end. This examination can be performed with or without anesthesia of the nasal mucosa. The ENT doctor will tell you which way is best for you.

The survey will take approximately one minute. You can feel it, but it almost never hurts. It is important to keep your head as straight and as still as possible during the exam. You can follow the research on a screen via a video camera. 

what happens after the investigation?

After the investigation

After the examination you may have a tear in your eyes or you may have some mucus coming out of your nose. You will receive a cloth to remedy this.

The ENT doctor will discuss the results of the examination with you.

What possible risks are there?


There are no risks of the treatment.

If the nose is anesthetized (which happens rarely), some anesthetic fluid may also run into the throat, causing you to experience a numbness of the throat as well.

This will disappear within 30 minutes.

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