what is a hearing test?


With a hearing test, the ENT doctor can check how well or how badly you hear. There can also be investigated whether your hearing problems are related to a disorder of the hearing organ or middle ear. 

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Why a hearing test?


With a hearing test it is possible to investigate whether there is hearing loss. In addition, there can be examined to what extent the hearing has deteriorated and which parts of the hearing organ function less well (the cochlea, or the middle ear with the ossicles). The function of the eardrum and the cilia in the hearing organ can also be examined.

How do I prepare for the hearing test?


It is wise not to wear large earrings, as you will have headphones placed on the ears.

what happens during the hearing test?

during the investigation

The following tests can be performed:

Tone Audiometry 

We let you hear sounds through headphones or a bone conductor. You have a device in your hand with a push button. We ask you to press the button when you hear a beep through the headphones. We look for the softest sound you can hear per pitch. We alternately let you hear both loud and soft tones. We note which sounds you can and cannot hear. In this way we can determine your hearing threshold. We also do this as a game for children who can wear headphones. 

Observation audiometry 

In patients who cannot indicate whether they have heard a sound, we look at how they react to the sounds presented. This is for example with babies, small children or mentally handicapped people. 

Speech Audiometry 

With this test we investigate how well you can understand speech. You will hear series of individual words through the headphones. We ask you to repeat this as closely as possible. These words are made softer and softer, until they are almost unintelligible. A graph shows the percentage of correctly repeated words. 


During this test we measure the mobility of the eardrum. We place a cap in the ear canal that seals the ear canal airtight. Then we keep changing air pressure in the ear canal, while you hear a humming sound. If your eardrum is working properly, it moves when the air pressure changes. The mobility of the eardrum is shown in a graph. 

Oto Acoustic Emissions 

With this examination, there can be determined without the direct cooperation of the patient whether or not the hearing organ is functioning properly at the moment. This examination provides more information about the hearing and the function of certain cilia in the cochlea.



what happens after the investigation?

after the investigation

After the hearing test, the ENT doctor will discuss the results with you.

When to contact us?


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