what is a crooked nose?


A common problem is the deviated nose, a misalignment that is often caused by the misalignment of the nasal septum (nasal septum) that separates the 2 nasal passages. The bony part of the nose (nasal bone) can also be skewed or broken in life, causing the nose to be skewed. A crooked nose can not only disturb the appearance, but also lead to a stuffy nose, resulting in poor breathing and headaches.

crooked nose

what causes a skewed nose?


congenital (inborn)

In some cases, the change in position of the nose is already present from birth and as growth progresses the crooked position of the nose becomes more apparent and is referred to as a skewed nose.


The majority of people who report to the ENT specialist have experienced a trauma to the nose, such as a blow or a fall on the nose. In such a case, there has often also been a broken nose, which ultimately leads to a deviation of the nose. This can not only lead to a disturbed appearance, but also to disturbed breathing.

other causes

The shape of the nose is almost never changed by causes other than congenital or trauma.

However, examples of this are becoming more frequent, for example due to the more frequent use of drugs through the nose. This can cause damage to mucous membranes and the nasal septum, which also serves as a support for the bridge of the nose. Collapsing of the nose (saddle nose) can then be the result. Other less frequent causes of a bending of the nose are seen in patients who have had skin treatment in and around the nose.

What to do about a skewed nose?


There are various treatments available for a skewed nose, depending on the underlying cause. The latter can only be judged by someone who can perform the examination of the nose well with expertise, such as an otolaryngologist. For example, a relatively simple operative correction of the nasal septum can already result in a straight nose. (nasal septum correction) However, it is often a combination of several parts of the nose that causes the nose to be crooked. In such cases, in addition to a correction of the nasal septum, it may also be necessary to loosen the bone of the external nose (os nasale). To eventually arrive at a straight and cosmetically and functionally desirable position. (external rhinoplasty)

Which medicine helps against a crooked nose?


There are no medicines for a crooked nose. If nasal passage is reduced with a crooked nose, an anti-inflammatory nasal spray may be able to help.

What possible conditions can cause a crooked nose?


When to contact us?


Since one also need the right instruments for a good assessment of the nose, the ENT doctor quickly comes into the picture for the treatment of the crooked nose. KNO Medisch Centrum employs ENT doctors who, in addition to their training as an ENT doctor, have also completed additional training (fellowships) in plastic facial surgery. 

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