what is a stroboscopy?


During a stroboscopy, the ENT doctor examines your throat with a bendable telescope (strobe) that is a few millimeters thick. A vocal cord examination is called a stroboscopy. This is an examination of the vibration of your vocal cords with a strobe. This device makes flashes of light that make the vocal cord vibration visible. This allows the function of the vocal cords to be properly investigated.

Stroboscopy at KNO Medisch Centrum

Why a stroboscopy?


If you suffer from voice complaints, it is wise to have the cause investigated. By means of a stroboscopic examination, it is possible to assess the vocal cords in a delayed manner, which allows examining not only the appearance of the vocal cords, but also the way in which the vocal cords move and produce the voice.

How do you prepare for a stroboscopy?


No special preparations are necessary for a stroboscopy.

If you have a runny nose, you can blow your nose beforehand.

What happens during a vocal cord examination?

during the investigation

This examination can be done with or without anesthesia of the nose and pharynx. The ENT doctor will discuss with you what is best. The anesthetic is then given with a spray. 

The ENT doctor goes into the nose with a thin tube. This hose is bendable. It slides through to the back of throat. Inside the hose are a special lamp and a camera. Due to the special lamp and camera in the tube, your vocal cords can be seen enlarged and delayed on the screen. 

What happens after a stroboscopy?

after the investigation

If the nasal and pharynx is numb, you should wait at least an hour before eating or drinking. This is to prevent you from choking.


The ENT doctor will give you the result immediately. This can be done on the basis of the images that have been made.

Go home

You can go home after the examination. 

What possible risks are there with a stroboscopy?


There are no risks with a stroboscopy. If the nose is numb, the throat may also be numb and you may feel a swollen feeling in the throat. This will disappear within an hour.

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